God's Word is Powerful

God's Word is Powerful

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Whenever I sit down to pay the bills - there is always a sense of hope that maybe there will be a little more left over this time.  Paying bills is one of my least favorite things to do.  But it is also a constant reminder that I need to be careful HOW I spend the resources we have.  It is so easy in our culture to simply throw it on the credit card and if we can't pay it off when that bill is due we merely let it ride.  Part of the problem is that we do not want to say NO to ourselves.  We would rather say yes and then deal with the economic consequences later.  That is why these verses are such a challenge.  Because even as I struggle to pay bills I understand that I have so much more than most believers in the world.

1 Timothy 6.17-19 (NLT)  Teach those who are rich in this world not to be proud and not to trust in their money, which is so unreliable. Their trust should be in God, who richly gives us all we need for our enjoyment. [18] Tell them to use their money to do good. They should be rich in good works and generous to those in need, always being ready to share with others. [19] By doing this they will be storing up their treasure as a good foundation for the future so that they may experience true life.

Wealth, riches there is very real DANGER in having more than you need.  It is so easy to slip into thinking you are the reason that financially you are doing well.  Paul addresses that by warning the rich NOT to become arrogant and TRUST their money - INSTEAD they must trust God.  After all it is God who gives us ALL we NEED for our enjoyment.  The implication in that is that if I do not have enough money to get the latest gadget or toy or laborsaving device then I don't need it.  I am supposed to remember that God has given me what HE knows I need for enjoyment.  That may require me thinking through more carefully the things that I enjoy.

Paul goes on to say that they should USE or INVEST what God has given to them. They are supposed to be doing good with the resources that God has entrusted to them.  They should be generous and ready and WILLING to share with others. 

The Last reminder is for us to see that this world is temporary and that ALL that we have here cannot compare to the wonder of heaven.  It is a reminder that this life is NOT all that there is.  
I Love these quotes - great reminders of the DANGER in pursuing wealth.

"Be rich in good works, generous, and ready to share. No matter how much money you have, your life should demonstrate that God controls the wealth that He has placed under your care." NLT Notes

“Though riches come, and riches go, don't set your heart upon them.  The fields of hope in which I sow  are harvested in heaven.” A Keys

PRAYER: Lord God help me to see clearly ALL the different ways that You have blessed me so that I can fully enjoy them.  Help me to think more about how to be generous and share with others than about how I can accumulate more stuff. Help me Lord to see that this life is an investment NOT for here but for Eternity.


Wednesday, July 9, 2014


So the news was NOT what I wanted to hear.  I wanted the Doctor to say you can stop wearing the boot and resume normal activities.  Instead I heard think LONG TERM - months not weeks.  And I had such good plans - none of which included being forced to wear a brace or boot long term.  What do we do when we get bad news?  How do we handle serious disappointment?  Yes I KNOW God uses hard things - hard times - to strengthen us, shape us, and form us more and more into the image of Jesus Christ.  But.......  I have said for years the phrase "it is what it is" as a statement that some things you just cannot change. But too many times - for me - that has become a statement of fatalism... oh well I cannot do anything about it so I have to accept it.  Those were some of my thoughts before I read these verses.

1 Thessalonians 2.16-17 (NLT)  Now may OUR Lord Jesus Christ Himself and God OUR Father, who loved us and by His grace gave us eternal comfort and a wonderful hope, COMFORT you and STRENGTHEN you in every good thing you DO and SAY.

After I read these verses today - I had to stop and confess. I have been complaining and by my complaints (subtle as they may have been - being expressed mostly in my thoughts) I have been questioning God’s plan for me.  But these verses remind me that MY God gives Grace and Eternal Comfort, and WONDERFUL HOPE.  Not because the circumstances have changed or gotten better from MY perspective.  But because He gives Comfort and Strength each and everyday. He gives the ability to DO and SAY good things no matter what the circumstances may be.  The question is will I look for those GOOD things that He wants me to do?  Will I seek out ways to SAY those GOOD words that need to be said?  Because the comfort and strength He promised seem to be connected to a willingness to DO and SAY the good things to which He calls us. 

So instead of saying "it is what it is" maybe I need to start saying "God KNOWS what He is doing."  I certainly believe that on a biblical and theological level.  But I need to believe it on the everyday - I have to wear this brace for an extended period of time - level. 

PRAYER: Lord, God thank you for Your comfort and strength especially during hard and challenging times.  Lord all that I am going through comes from Your hand for a good purpose.  Please help me to keep in mind ALWAYS that no matter what is happening I can still DO and SAY good God Honoring things.  May I hang onto the TRUTH that YOU KNOW what You are doing